Facets of Mediumship


Welcome to my blog, which will explore the many aspects of mediumship. A medium is a person, who has the ability to perceive and receive information emanating from the Spirit World. Most people call the Spirit World heaven, and believe that it is a place, somewhere above the earth, where the souls of departed people reside. This concept is partially true. The Spirit World is above our physical world, not it distance, but in vibration, or frequency.

We all understand that if you take some ice cubes and place them in a pot, which is then put on the stove and turn on the heat the ice cubes will melt. The heat causes the water molecules to move faster, and as more heat is applied the speed of the molecules continue to increase. Eventually, the water molecules are moving so fast, that the ice cube can no longer remain solid, and becomes a liquid we know as water. As heat continues to be applied, the water molecules move even faster and turn into steam, which is no longer visible to our physical eyes.

If you take a very cold plate that has been stored in the freezer, and hold it over the pot producing steam, and water molecules become cool down, and move slower, as they contact the plate, then they condense, or turn back into water on the plate.

In this entire process, nothing has altered the structure or chemistry of water molecule itself. The molecules just began to vibrate or move faster, which caused the change in their state of matter (solid to liquid to gas).

Our souls are very much like water molecules. When death comes to the physical body, the soul exits the physical body, then its rate of vibration increases. It immediately begins to vibrate on a higher rate of frequency, than our physical eyes can see, just as we could not see the steam.

Mediums are people with “extra sensory perception.” Their senses work in ranges of frequency that most people cannot receive. This is what enables them to become the “telephone lines” which connects physical people with the souls of people living in the World of Spirit.

There are many different ways that mediums communicate with the Spirit World, and this blog will explore and explain them to you.

The Diamond of Mediumship

Mediumship can easily be compared to a beautiful, brilliantly sparkling diamond.

Diamond Mediumship
Brings light into the world. Brings light (knowledge and healing) into the world.
A diamond is a rather dull stone when extracted from the ground. It needs to be polished, and facets cut into it so that light will be reflected, then the diamond sparkles in the light. Mediumship also needs to be polished. It is usually called development. The medium learns how to connect with spirit, and the techniques of the communication process. As the medium develops, it is like an additional facet is being created which will be more detail and clarity into the communication.
The more facets cut into the diamond, the more brilliant and sparkling it will become. Each facet is another phase of mediumship, or a different gift of the Spirit. Three examples would be Clairaudience (hearing Spirit) Clairvoyance (seeing Spirit) Clairescience (feeling Spirit)
Much work goes into the transformation of a rough dull diamond until it becomes a brilliant sparkling gemstone. Much work goes into a medium’s development to become a clear (brilliant) channel for bringing through Spirit messages.

Just as a diamond has many facets, which allows light to be reflected and causes the mesmerizing sparkle in the diamond, mediumship also has many different facets. This blog will explore the many aspects or facets of mediumship. The facets will include:

  Facet Banner color
 1. Facets of Mediumship Grey
 2. Mediumship in the Bible Green
 3. Gifts of the Spirit Purple
 4. Medium’s Biography Blue
 5. Psychical Research Orange
 6. History of Mediumship Red
 7. Book Reviews Magenta

Each entry will have a colorful banner, which will allow the reader to know to which facet the article belongs.

It is my hope this blog will bring to light, the wondrous, rich history of mediumship in all its different facets.


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