R. I. P. ??????

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Recently, as I was on Facebook, I saw a post showing a picture of a person who had recently died, with the phrase R. I. P. underneath. I was surprised at my sudden reaction of recoil, and dismay. What a terrible thing to say!

Rest in Peace immediately triggered in my mind, a teaching that Rev. Carl R. Hewitt had discussed many times. He spoke of the Church teaching its members that when they die, if they lived good lives, their souls would go to heaven. Then the souls would sleep for eternity, until Jesus would wake them up. Rest in peace certainly corroborates this erroneous teaching.

Death is a second birth. It is what Jesus termed: “Being Born Again!” [John 3:3]

A special symbiotic relationship exists between an expectant mother, and her unborn child, for they are joined as one. The umbilical cord connects the child’s body to the mother’s, and serves as the unborn child’s lifeline that brings food and oxygen to the developing child.

Nine months after conception, the baby is fully developed within the mother. It is now time for the baby to make its grand entrance into the physical world. Usually the family knows when this will happen. The family makes many preparations for the arrival of the child. People give the mother, baby clothes, cribs, and other small pieces of furniture. Distant relatives may even travel to welcome the child into the physical world.

Moments after a baby’s birth the umbilical cord is severed, separating the child from its mother. The child now becomes an independent being, who lives, breathes, and has its own being as a separate individual. The child’s invisible body, its spirit, is now functioning on a slower, physical, vibrational rate, than it did when it resided in the Spirit World. The baby’s soul is now connected to its physical body by an invisible silver cord. Throughout the person’s life the silver cord connects the soul and the physical body.

A physical body cannot live unless the soul is there to animate it. As death occurs the soul starts to leave the physical body, and the silver cord pulls apart like an overcooked piece of spaghetti. When the soul is approximately 14 inches from the body, the silver cord snaps. The soul, unattached from its worn-out physical body, instantaneously arrives in the Spirit World. The soul is now the new body, which will live in a new world. In a sense, the soul is being born again, since it arrived in a new world, in a new body, and a second cord was severed.

Furthermore, the soul’s deceased friends and family members are there to greet the soul, just as they were in the physical world, when the baby first entered the physical world. The Bible teaches us this fact when it says, “Then Abraham yielded the spirit, and died in a good age, an old man and of great years, and was gathered to his people.” [Genesis 25: 8 Geneva Bible 1560]

Jesus was describing death when he spoke of being born again. He was not describing some dogmatic, theological process that a human being must go through. It would not matter if a person were Baptist, Presbyterian, Lutheran, Catholic, Muslim, Jewish, Buddhist, Shinto, Taoist, Confuciusian, Hindu, or a member of any other religion. Death has nothing to do with religion. No physical person can enter the Spirit World, which Jesus called “the Kingdom of God,” in his/her physical body. To enter the Spirit World, one must go through a second birth, enter a new world, in a new body, and experience the severing of the second cord, the silver cord, which causes death of the physical body.

Contemplate a 1-year old baby for a moment. As you watch it during its waking hours, it is full of curiosity. It is exploring its new environment. It is learning and experiencing so many new things, and processing new information.

What makes anyone think there is any different for the second birth, or your life in the Spirit World? Many mediums have brought through detailed descriptions of the World of Spirit. [Testimony of Light by Helen Greaves, is one].

The Spirit World is similar to our world, yet radically different. The Spirit World has colors and flowers that we do not have here on earth. Everything is created through thought. Therefore, if you wanted to live in a mansion, all you have to do is to think it into existence… no contractors, no mortgage, no taxes, etc.

There are schools and universities in the Spirit World, where the soul gains enlightenment. There are opportunities for the soul to pursue whatever it wants. So for people to send the thought to a deceased person that it should rest is counter‑productive.

Instead we should send out the thought of strength and vitality. We should send the thought of encouragement, for the soul to enjoy the opportunity for spiritual evolution, and for active exploration in a new world. We should send the thought of peace and contentment. For the energy used in the Spirit World is thought. When we have thoughts of our loved ones, living in the Spirit World, it draws them closer to us, in that moment. The Spirits of our loved ones are only a thought away. Therefore, sending our thoughts of encouragement and blessings greatly energizes the Spirits.

We should also be grateful in knowing that the soul will no longer be in pain or disease, for those conditions no longer exists in the Spirit World.


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