W. T. Parish 1873 – 1946


ImageW. T. Parish became a world famous British healer. From the 1929 – 1940’s. He received more than 500,000 letters from around the world, either requesting absent healing from him, or thanking him for the wonderful results.


W. T. Parish became a world famous British healer from the 1929 – 1940’s. He received 15,000 letters a year, from around the world requesting absent healing from him.

Parish dedicated his life to his healing work. He worked 7 days a week, yet he did not charge for his healings. He was a humble man, who never sought publicity, nor did he advertise his services. His fame was created by “word of mouth,” based on the amazing results from his healings. People often sought healing from Parish and were cured, after their doctors labeled as with a terminal illness.


W. T. Parish lived most of his life unaware of his healing ability. Parrish worked for the railroad company and was away from home for weeks at a time. Peggy, W. T.’s wife was diagnosed with cancer. Doctors predicted that she only had 6 months left to live. Shortly after Peggy came home, someone suggested to Mrs. Parish that she seek healing from a Spiritualist. W. T. was very against this idea. He believed that “Spiritualism is only for weak-minded women and for men who don’t think.” Nevertheless, Peggy wanted to go, and eventually W. T. acquiesces and he accompanied his wife to a Spiritualist service.

W. T. discovered Spiritualism did not make the emotional appeal to the unintelligent as he had erroneously thought. Suddenly his intellectual curiosity was ignited, and he furiously began reading all the mediumistic literature he could find. With this newly gained knowledge, W. T. prayed for guidance. Then, one night, he became aware of “unseen influence” at his bedside.

Mr. and Mrs. Parishes decided to attend a séance for the first time. The medium conducting the séance was a trance medium, who they did not know. The medium entered the altered state of trance, which allowed Spirit to speak to each of the sitters. Spirit told W. T. he was a natural born healer, and that he could and would heal his wife, Peggy.

W. T. became very excited, but told the Spirit he knew nothing about being a healer. Spirit then gave W. T. explicit instructions on how to heal Peggy, by laying on of hands.

For the first time, W. T. was hopeful about his wife’s condition. He explicitly carried out Spirit’s instructions, by laying his hands on Peggy every day. However, there were times when W. T. was away from home for work, and on those days, he did absent healing on those days. In nine months Peggy was healed.

Beginning of Parish’s Healing Career

Spirit told W. T. he should continue his healing work with other people suffering with health problems. Meanwhile, word of Peggy’s cure spread rapidly, because the doctors had given her so little hope of survival. Soon people approached W. T. asking him if he would heal them. People started to come to W. T.’s house to receive healing. It did not take long for people from all parts of London began to travel to the Parish house for healing. W. T. decided to convert the “best room” of his house into a healing sanctuary. Soon W. T. realized that the requests for healing far exceeded the time he had to perform the healings, and he made the important decision to take early retirement from his railroad job in order to dedicate his life to heal the sick.

Parish describes his Healing Gift

W. T. was a true spiritual healer. He never asked the patient for any medical history, because he realized it was Spirit who did the healing, and they did not need to be told where to direct the healing energy. W. T practiced healing the same way it was practiced during the early days of Christianity.

W. T. also developed additional Spiritual gifts. He became clairvoyant and saw the Spirit doctors who worked through him. He had two main Spirit Doctors. There were times when these Spirit Doctors would overshadowed Parish and made their presence known to some patients.

The first was known as “Brother William.” W. T. later learned that Brother William was a former president of the Royal Ophthalmic Hospital.

W. T.’s second Spirit Doctor was Abdul Latif, who was a Persian Spirit healer. Eventually W. T. found a museum librarian, who found documentation that Abdul Latif was a physician, who lived 1750 years ago, in the same timeframe as King Richard I, circa 1189. It was interesting that Abdul Latin used all current medical knowledge & techniques, such as dietetics, medicine, osteopathy and homeopathy.

Letters Written to W. T. Parish

The following is a sample of a few of the letters that W. T. received asking for absent healing.

One man had lost his hearing. His doctor said the auditory nerve had died. Through absent healing, within two weeks, the man’s hearing had returned.

Another woman had been bed-ridden for 14 years. She actually walked after one absent healing treatment.

A Spanish family with 3 children wrote. They were in great need. Two of the children had typhoid fever, and their third child had meningitis. W. T. began sending absent healing. Two weeks later, they wrote Parish to report that two of the children were cured, and the third was getting better.

One doctor of the Royal College of Physicians finally was relieved of abdominal pain, after seeing Parish. He had been “taking the very best remedies” to no avail.

Another man had a stomach ulcer that was inoperable. After regular treatment by Parish, the ulcer had healed and was no longer visible on the x-ray.

One boy was no longer diabetic after being treated by Parish.

Often cures were accomplished without the patient knowing that Parish was sending absent healing.

Questions from Maurice Barbanell’s Interview with Parish

Q:“What is your own attitude towards this spiritual healing?”

A: “I believe I am fulfilling the laws of God,” he replied. “I am fulfilling that which God has chosen for me-to be a blessing to His children of this earth. I work for the alleviation of suffering mankind, not only for their bodies but also for healing their souls, by bringing light, understanding, happiness and hope. “I don’t want people to come to me when a doctor can heal them. But when they say ‘I don’t want a doctor. I would rather come to you,’ I am delighted to be of service. “I have no animosity towards doctors and surgeons. All I try to do is to follow the one great healer, Jesus the Nazarene. I know there have been other spiritual masters and I commune with them. I am a follower of the Nazarene, because I know that I am allied with him. “There is nothing on earth that would deter me from going on with my healing, even if the whole world were against me.”

Q: What is your advice to other healers?

A: “If you aspire to be a healer you have to learn to eliminate self. You have to become worthy in the eyes of God to be used as a fitting instrument for His power to pass through you.” “It is His power. If you are not a suitable instrument in the eyes of God, His divine power cannot pass through you. Mine is spiritual healing. It is not magnetic healing. There is a vast difference.

Magnetic healing involves “the manipulation of chi energy or prana on a person’s body through the use of the hands. The healer uses their etheric body as a channel for the soul to transmit vital pranic force into the etheric and physical body of the person being healed.”

Spiritual healing is when the healing force and energies comes from “Spirit” or God via the healer, which effect healing in a patient.

The healer is aware of a bountiful, endless supply of healing energy flowing from Spirit/God through his/her, body into the patient. The spirit guides or doctors may “overshadow” the healer, subtly directing the healer’s hands to certain places on the patient’s body where healing can best be effected.

Parish said, “I take no personal credit. I am but the lowly servant always ready to give, to praise God and His ministering angels, because it is through them that I am permitted to heal.”

Q: How conscious are you of your spirit cooperators?

A: “When I am healing I am fully conscious of spirit co-operators and I talk to them. Gradually the trance condition is passing away, giving place to an overshadowing that leaves me more and more aware of myself. All the time I strive to overcome all obstacles and limitations.

“I am conscious of the influx of spirit power. It even produces a physical reaction in the region of the solar plexus. I get a sensation of great holiness and I feel that I am at one with the Great Spirit.”

Parish received letters requesting absent healing from people living in 73 countries The list included: Africa, Argentine, Australia, Algeria, Austria, Arabia, Alsace Lorraine, Armenia, Alaska, Abyssinia, Afghanistan, Belgium, Bulgaria, British West Indies, Brazil, Balkan States, China, Canada, Canary Islands, Ceylon, Chile, Costa Rica, Cuba, Corsica, Czechoslovakia, Denmark, Egypt, Ecuador, France, Finland, French Guiana, Greenland, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Holland, Hong Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Iceland, Iraq, Italy, India, Ivory Coast, Japan, Java, Libya, Mexico, Morocco, Malay States, New Zealand, New Guinea, North Borneo, Norway, Newfoundland, Nigeria, Peru, Poland, Palestine, Portugal, Russia, Romania, Sierra Leone, Switzerland, Sweden, Spain, Sicily, Siam, Turkey, United States of America, Uruguay, Venezuela, and Yugoslavia.


Maurice Barbanell wrote, “It was inspiring to watch Parish at work when I visited his sanctuary to witness the public healing. For over three hours he gave individual treatment to a score of people.”

“Two of his patients told him when he came out of trance that there was no need for them to attend any more. The psychic healing had brought them new health. One was a woman who had suffered for years with partial and glaucoma of the eyes. She expressed her joy at her cure and thanked Parish for all his help. With typical modesty he refused thanks. “I am only an instrument,” he answered. “Glorify God. Radiate happiness.” He has cured patients suffering from such “incurable” diseases as cancer, diabetes, rheumatism, tuberculosis, rheumatoid arthritis, infantile paralysis, deafness and blindness.”

“Another remarkable case came from Kenton, Middlesex, and dealt with a boy who was paralyzed from the waist downwards and lay helpless in bed. Shortly after the absent healing began, he called to his mother and insisted that he felt well enough to walk. With trembling eagerness his mother helped him to dress and brought him a stick. With this as an aid he managed to get down the stairs and walk all round the garden. That was the immediate effect of the absent healing.”

Maurice Barbanell wrote, “[Parish’s] life is a tribute to the great service that can be rendered by one man-when he is moved by the ‘power of the spirit’ and prepared to make sacrifices for his mission.” I have tried, to present a picture of a man who is undoubtedly the greatest healer in the world today, a saint who is living a blameless life and performing “miracles” every day.

He has not been “ordained.” He has not passed any theological examination. He has no clerical status. He is not a “reverend,” minister, pastor, bishop or archbishop. But he has the largest church in the world, for it includes thousands of healed sufferers to whom he has brought health, relief, hope and comfort.”

Peggy Parish

Peggy Parish, W. T.’s wife developed her own healing abilities. She continued her husband’s work after he passed into Spirit.

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